SHASHWAT FOUNDATION is a non-governmental organization formed in 2012 by well experienced and dynamic persons having background mainly in research, academics, healthcare, agriculture and rural development. The organization is registered under public trust act 1950 (18) and its members have earlier contributed their services in Marathwada, Vidarbha and rest of the regions of Maharashtra. The chairman and secretory of the organization are engaged in various research and awareness activities focusing on ‘antibiotic resistance’ at state and national level.

The main aim of organization is improvement in the health of the people, especially in rural Maharashtra, by improving their socio-economic status in a sustainable manner. The name ‘SHASHWAT’ itself means for sustainable development. Rational use of drugs, creating awareness regarding healthcare services and education in rural as well as urban areas and to promote blood donation, eye donation camps are among the primary objectives of the organization.

Other main focus of the organization includes improvement in agriculture through proper research, education and extension activities in rural areas. Introduction of new economically feasible technologies at small scale, rational use of pesticides and antibiotics in agriculture and related sectors like dairy and poultry industry are also among the various objectives of organization.