Our main aim is to create a casteless and classless society. “Class” to us connotates any disparity and discrimination based on religion, caste, gender, economic base, freedom and rights. We act as a platform for the socially and economically marginalized section of the society and work towards their improvement. Our projects include youth empowerment, livelihood, rehabilitation of the children of flying sex workers (FSW), awareness of adolescent girls about structured discrimination against them.


We work towards narrowing the gender gap be it women or sexual minority by identifying the socio economic problems and issues historically faced by them.


We promote the right to employability for all stratum of the society irrespective of gender bias which curbs social evils like genocide, child marriage, dowry, prostitution and health hazards like HIV. Education was promoted with training, informal education, cultural programmes and imparting information about educational institutions. PRARAMVA SOCIAL WELFARE ORGANISATION   aims to penetrate the very fabric of society and transform its norms and traditions based on equality and justice.


We enhance the participation and involvement of grass root people in the projects. so that they become aware of the transformation necessary for their well being.  Establising awareness about human rights is our priority.


We developed “Pratyasha”a leadership training programme for the rescued of child marriage and anti trafficking for the sustainability of the ideology. A local human resource pole was established to monitor social menaces like child marriage and to ensure rights of children.


We conduct 1 day training workshops (partner Sappho for equality) on sexual health and gender discrimination of adolescent girls. We conduct surveys researches and detailed study of sexually minorities to acquire a clear picture of their   problems and existence.


The livelihood projects aims at enhancing the professional skills of the urban slum youth and placing them in different corporate sectors to improve their standard of living and future prospects.


In all our projects, the main outcome has always made the targeted micro population live a better life.