CHEER (Center for Health, Education and Entrepreneurship Reform) is a not for profit organization, working in state of Rajasthan since 2007and legally registered in the year of 2009. As independent development professional, we (core body members) all were working individually at our respective locations before being legally registered, our intervention areas and initiatives were wide-ranging and scattered over the district of Rajasthan. By the time we three people met, joined and consolidated our efforts under banner of CHEER Society to be able to strengthen and reform community processes.



“Dynamic communities encouraging actions and change at all levels to safeguard and promote sustainable development”



“Strive for the reformation promoting health, Education and Entrepreneurship that allows people to experience learning success and become contributing members of the society”



Successful reformation and sustainable development is a process that will build on its own successes through consisting efforts and we believes that people have innate capacities and potentials for the development by their own which needs opportunity, exposure and encouragement to unleash.


About us

Cheer is committed towards quality reform in the area of Health, Education and Entrepreneurship. Through our programs, we tend to empower community and groups towards creating an environment of participatory and sustainable development, as an organization Cheer was established in the year of 2009. To support the development of civil society and to integrate oppressed and underprivileged section into mainstream development activities cheer adopts ‘participatory’ approach and built its strategies around the issues of Health, Education and Entrepreneurship


Through our interventions we attempt to serve as a bridge between the people and opportunities, based on our belief that people has innate capacity and potential we make sure that opportunities are available and created to unleash their potential through tools created by the cheer


Cheer brings together professional experts and makes available their experiences for others. We promote a comprehensive approach towards a civil society development that includes direct field action, capacity building, research, training and advocacy. We pursue, promote and strengthen civil society efforts and participatory development processes.



  • §Nurture & enhance the role of civil society in strengthening & safeguarding their Health, Education and Entrepreneurship needs.
  • §Promote and develop the tools for reformation and sustainable development.
  • §Enhance civil society local self-governance capability.
  • §Maintain and enhance the capacity of the Network NGO.
  • §Strive for reformation and strategic input in policymaking, planning and reviews.



Cheer heads all the operation from state office situated at Jaipur, cheer making his presence in the “Haroti” division with the activities on SHG’s at Jhalawar, Health assessment programs at Baran, child labor and rights related activities at Kota, women empowerment and adolescent girl well-being training program at Jaipur.


Apart from all above project locations, we have outreach to other district of the state.  Through our network, partner NGO’s by providing facilitation, support and consultancies we have indirect extension of the organization at many other locations.



Cheer has a strong team of likeminded people drawn from various reputed institutions as well as committed youth emerging from the grass roots as community leaders in our intervened areas. Cheer people includes seasoned professionals with formal academic training and practical work experience in their respective fields. Our human resources include academicians and technical personnel with advanced degrees in Public health, Social sciences, Medical sciences, Statistics, Computer sciences, Law, Management, Teaching, and Economics.